Soros Pulls Plug On Calif Legal Weed Vote

Legal cannabis was to have been on the Nov ’14 ballot. But in a last minute move hedge fund CEO George Soros and his minions pulled their signature gathering support. It’s unlikely at this point that the measure will be voted on this on the November. The Soros group feels ’16 is better.

Why? 55% of Calif residents favor legalizing recreational Cannabis. Let’s go for it.

Who needs Soros? He isn’t our team. Soros is on Soros’s team.

If his group cancelled support until 2016 it is because it’s more beneficial for his business plan.

Let’s face it if 55% of the people are for legal toke then why not strike while the iron is hot. The real reasons for the Soros last minute bail out will eventually surface. In my opinion the change of heart doesn’t pass the smell test. That’s my take.

We called Soros’ office for a comment. No one was available to answer our questions and they have not returned our calls.

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