Weed Start Ups Seek Investors

Legal marijuana is big business — or at least that’s what investors are banking on. On Tuesday, 22 cannabis entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to more than sixty investors gathered at the Denver Athletic Club in the second Mile High confab hosted by the California-based ArcView Group, which connects investors with pot-related startups.

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Weed & Bullets: Rogue Cannabis Growers Harm Local Communities

When Fort Bragg Councilmember and veteran forester Jere Melo was murdered on August 27, 2011, the entire community of Fort Bragg, Calif., was devastated. Melo was gunned down while investigating a report of an illicit marijuana grow-site on private timberlands. Sadly, Melo stands as one casualty among many in a community gripped by the proliferation of covert grow operations that pose an ongoing threat to residents as they destroy the area’s forests, creeks and wildlife.

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