Call Your Senators: End the Federal War on Medical Marijuana

An amendment to end the war on medical marijuana is coming to the Senate.

Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker will introduce an amendment blocking the federal government from using taxpayer dollars to crack down on state medical marijuana programs.

Please call your senators to support the Paul / Booker Amendment ending the federal war on medical marijuana.

Find the senators’ phone numbers¬†and our script below.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ____{name}____. I’m a constituent of Senator ____{name}____ and I’m calling to ask he/she support an end to federal interference in state medical marijuana programs.

Sens. Rand Paul and Cory Booker are co-sponsoring an amendment to the Justice Department budget bill that would do exactly that. A similar amendment has already passed with bi-partisan support in the House.

It’s time for the federal government to stop wasting resources harassing patients and caregivers in states that have sanctioned medical marijuana. I urge Senator ____{name}____ to support this amendment when it comes up for a vote

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