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Visit www.Weedgateway.com to find local medical marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops, seed banks and more!

To help medical marijuana patients find better access to reliable and safe medication and create an atmosphere for patients to interact and feel at ease in our community of users.

Company Overview
We are dedicated to helping legal patients find access to safe, secure businesses with the most respectable reputations. Our listings are maintained by business owners and they say our site is #1!

Medical Marijuana patients looking for an online resource need to search no further than Weedgateway.com

With 18 states and the District of Columbia now having legal protections for medical marijuana patients here in the United States, there are a lot of new businesses popping up all the time. With some states having hundreds of dispensaries and compassion centers alone, it can be difficult for patients – especially new ones – to know where to go to find the best medication.

Fortunately, they have an incredible online resource at Weedgateway.com

Medical marijuana patients from coast to coast (and Alaska and Hawaii) can go to Weedgateway.com any time of day to find dispensaries, collectives, compassion centers, doctors and more near their current location.

Not only that, but patients can see reviews of each business from other patients, so they can get a feel for a dispensary or doctor and compare them to others. They can also see great daily deals from medical marijuana businesses nearby – or get deals sent straight to their cell phone Рand even search for certain strains if they already have an idea of what they want, plus see reviews of those as well!

If copious reviews and pinpoint locations still aren’t enough, medical cannabis patients can head over to the patient forums to seek advice and discuss their options with other MMJ patients. They can find out all about different strains and what ailments they help, get all their cultivation questions answered, learn about different ways of ingesting medical cannabis or just interact with tens of thousands of people just like themselves.

Everyone can keep up-to-date with the latest in medical marijuana with Weedgateway’s ¬†marijuana blog, plus see great strain and ‚Äúsmoking piece‚Äù pictures along with funny and uplifting images from around the web.

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